Simplify the Payments Process and Focus on Your Passion

TMC is designed to take you out of the merchant services rat race and help you focus on your passion. We offer a wide variety of affordable solutions in order make payment acceptance easier and more efficient for your business. 

Why Choose Total Merchant Concepts?
We want your business to thrive. This begins with choosing the best payment options for your unique business needs. Our team is trained to assist you in discovering those options that make payment acceptance easier and more profitable.
In addition to this, we offer:

  • Reliable Sales Reps
  • Well-Trained Service Reps
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Flexible Plans
  • Live 24/7, USA-Based Support
  • Month-to-Month Agreements
  • Ongoing Follow Up (for the life of your business with TMC)
  • Additional Services to Help Your Business Grow


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