Business Growth Tools

Business Assessment
(Review and assess the 5 main areas in your business)

Start transforming your business into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation today!
Each area of our business exists for a reason and when you have each spoke of your business wheel operating efficiently (systemized)- it transforms your experience as a business owner!
Our program goes over all the following 5 main areas of your business:

LEADERSHIP: Everything you do to Lead & Guide your business.
ADMINISTRATION: Everything you do to track your numbers and the internal office systems to run the business.
OPERATIONS: Everything you do to serve your clients.
MARKETING: Everything you do to attract prospects to your business.
SALES: Everything you do to convert prospects to paying customers.
We offer several FUN team training packages and assessments, contact our team to learn more.

DISC Assesment (Understanding your team Dynamics)

DISCover the 4 basic personality styles that make up each member of your team. Using the easily learned “D-I-S-C” system helps business owners understand themselves and others; build your team and understand their style in order to develop their strategies.
We have trained behavioral consultants that can work with you over the Internet or in person. Understanding the various communication styles of your team, your clients and your referral partners can help you take your business to the next level!

Customer Service is only important WHEN YOU NEED IT!

Providing an exceptional experience for your clients can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. The level of service your team is committed to providing will determine the work environment, the pace of growth at your company as well as the number of clients and repeat clients you will have.
Our TMC team has been providing exemplary service experiences for over 20 years and we offer some additional training tools to help you fine tune your service experience or in some cases – OVERHAUL it completely! 

Get help attracting and hiring the kind of team players that you can GROW with!

Finding the RIGHT staff members to grow your business can be a difficult task! Over the past 20 Years, we have encountered quite a few employee challenges- let’s see if any of the following sounds familiar:
  • I can’t find good people!
  • How do I get people to show up on time?
  • The interview went well but the person did not fit with our team.
  • The person I hired is GREAT but they do not seem to be a fit for the position.
These situations are costly for businesses and having the right hiring processes/ procedures in place can not only save you time and money, but they can help eliminate a huge part of the stress related to running a business.
Our 5 Step Hiring Process Tools/Training is a great way to strengthen this area of your business.